What impact will the EU-GDPR have on Resource and Financial planning? 

"Companies will have to rely more on dedicated resource and financial planning systems because alternative solutions like spreadsheets will no longer fulfill the requirements of the GDPR."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO

Use GDPR compliant Resource and Financial Planning Software

Stronger Regulation

In order to comply with the EU-GDPR an advanced resource and financial planning software is highly recommended. Our 4PLAN product portfolio with 4PLAN HR at its core completely incorporates all changes that are necessary in order to fully comply with the GDPR that enters into force on May 25th 2018. 4PLAN HR already has all features concerning budget planning, reporting and analysis for resource and financial planning. It also features already built-in functionalities to be able to comply with GDPR. 

GDPR compliant functionalities in 4PLAN

As soon as the GDPR enters into force, employees will be able to exert control over their personal data with the “right to be forgotten” and the “right for access”. As a consequence, the burden of proof has shifted towards the employer and therefore also to resource and financial planners. As Software4You we have implemented features across our entire product portfolio that ensure compliance with GDPR. An audit-module was added to 4PLAN in order to steer user rights and track changes made to the system or the data stored within. Data can either be deleted in its entirety or anonymised.

4PLAN HR - Resource and Financial Planning

Optimise your Resource and Financial Planning

We provide the most user friendly, cost efficient Resource and financial planning tools anywhere with our flagship 4PLAN product.

With over 150 organisations of all sizes and complexities using features such as individual, departmental and organisational calculations of payment of varying types as well as organisational modelling showing the impact of the proposed changes and the effect that these will have now and in the future plus much more.

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