We want to introduce a Resource and Financial Planning Software for the first time. Why should we decide for 4PLAN HR?

„Our standard solution template „Resource and Financial Planning“ already meets most requirements that organisations have for Resource and Financial planning and therefore can be implemented in a matter of days.“

Manfred Abele, Principal Consultant

Are you Implementing a Resource and Financial Planning Software for the very first time?

Profit from our Experience

Since 1999 we have implemented our Resource and Financial Planning solutions in over 150 mid-sized and large organisations which are at home in almost every line of business. Consequently, we have gained an enormous amount of experience in all matters related to Resource and Financial Planning which sets us apart from competition.

Our team is home to experienced and well trained specialists with substantial expert knowledge that can offer you technical and functional advice.



Standard Implementation

The solution template „Resource and Financial Planning“ is the foundation of our system. It already includes all essential features for planning, reporting and analytics.

If you have special requirements, we can easily implement them in a quick and reliable way thanks to our systems´ high adaptability and scalability.

We guarantee the success of your implementation project and are eager to take over budget and timing responsibility.

How can 4PLAN HR be operated?

4PLAN HR is offered as a SAAS solution with in-house servers at our Software4You offices in Munich which fulfil the highest requirements for security and data protection.

As a second option 4PLAN HR can be integrated in your existing technical infrastructure. Our Specialists are eager to help.

You want to experience 4PLAN HR in person?

We are looking forward to you contacting us for a live WEB presentation.

4PLAN HR - Resource and Financial Planning

Optimise your Resource and Financial Planning

4PLAN HR is the most meaningful, cost-efficient and reliable resource and financial planning tool on the market. Over 150 notable organisations across Europe already use our high-powered features such as HR cost planning, salary rounds, management bonus calculation, simulation pay scale simulation and deviation analysis as well as many more.




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