What makes your products unique?

"Our products are designed specifically for Resource and Financial Planning, this is our area of expertise. They work out of the box and will compliment your current working processes but can also be tailored if needed to maximise your return on investment."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO


Optimise your Resource planning!

We provide the most user friendly and cost efficient Resource and Financial planning tool with our flagship 4PLAN HR. With over 150 organisations of all sizes and complexities using features such as individual, departmental and organisational calculations of payment of varying types as well as organisational modelling showing the impact of the proposed changes and the effect that these will have now and in the future plus much more.

4PLAN Dashboards

Focus on concrete statements

4PLAN Dashboards stand for a meaningful presentation of data from HR Controlling. The solution is characterized by a modern presentation in which the data is displayed clearly and initially focused on the essentials. Within the dashboards, the user simply clicks or taps on an element to access the information he wants to analyze. If required, the user can view the selected data in more detail, so that there is no danger of losing the overview. This creates an extraordinary user experience in which the focus is deliberately on concrete statements and interactivity.


Explain changes, highlight alternative courses of action!

It is easy to show variations and differences but more diffcult to identify the potential causes. 4PLAN HR will show you the source of the changes whether it is financial or a change in the number of resources. 4PLAN will detail the impact and analysis, for example, "what impact did the budgetary increase have? What was the impact of the changes in headcount and departmental capacity?"

All aspects are covered!

4PLAN Workforce Modelling

Maintain the Organisations operational capabilities!

How do you ensure that you have the necessary skills within your workforce to ensure that your operational capabilities are sustainable?

4PLAN workforce modelling offers a range of analytic tools and will also predict skills and headcount requirements in your workforce by using a wide range of custom built parameters including past trends and future requirements ensuring that you have the correct range of skills and resources when you most need them.

4PLAN SAP Integration

Use SAP data in 4PLAN

Using proven technology from 4PLAN we have developed the 4PLAN SAP Integration tool that allows users to easily select SAP data and transfer this to 4PLAN safely and securely.

4PLAN Electric Eye

Ad-Hoc reporting and analytics

Reduce your waiting time for reports to be produced using real time information.

With 4PLAN Electric Eye you can produce meaningful and accurate ad-hoc reports with animated graphics in seconds. 4PLAN Electric Eye supports Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP Databases, so i can also be used outside of the 4PLAN environment.