How can the Deviation Analysis Template help me to investigate where I have a difference from my original plan?

"The template allows us to deep dive in to the data and show me where we have deviated from the original financial forecast."

Manfred Abele, Principal Consultant



It is easy to show discrepancies, but without a distinct analysis of the causes it may not be very useful. Within a complex system this can be a big challenge.

This is where 4PLAN DAT comes in to play, it gives you the necessary information you need to investigate. To achieve this the software uses all of the actual and planned data to show you the factors behind the differences, highlighting where proactive changes can be made to improve business and financial performance. 4PLAN DAT is standardised template adding value and functionality to your 4PLAN HR software.

The Solution Template assesses and analyses the following influencing factors:

  • Salary changes
  • Grade changes
  • Variable payments
  • Workforce changes
  • Cost centre changes
  • Employment status
  • Collective agreement changes

The assessment is financially based and also considers headcount changes in the calculation. The final outcome empowers the user to show the exact cause of the discrepancy and create a plan to prevent future budget deviations.

Benefits at a glance

  • Identifies budget, cost and headcount deviations from original plan
  • Standardised template
  • Risk free implementation
  • User friendly
  • Predefined forms and reports
  • Deatiled analysis of changes
  • Uncovering alternative actions
  • Uncovering increases in cost that could be avoidable
  • Use of the 4PLAN HR data for making the comparison between actuals and budget plans
  • Fully integrated with 4PLAN HR
  • Rapid implementation
  • Comprehensive user guide and instructions


  • 4PLAN HR

Overview of the most important features

  • Integration into 4PLAN HR
  • Alternative actions
  • Salary changes
  • Workforce changes
  • User support
  • Customizing
  • Implementation
  • Licensing
Integration into 4PLAN HR

The Solution Template is integrated with 4PLAN HR. The implementation takes place in 4ADMIN. The user receives a set of planning variables, forms and reports for the calculations at Organisation, Department, Cost Centre or employee level.

Alternative actions

With the Solution Template it is possible to identify the origins of deviations and how to prevent them from happening in the future. This will empower you to implement lessons learnt in to your future budget process.

Salary changes

Changes in salary, pay grades, wage groups, headcount and other staffing costs are categorised and their monetary impact is calculated. These changes are then compared to your original budget and the deviations can be analysed in detail. This process can be carried out periodically according to your business needs.

Workforce changes

The financial impact of a change in your workforce that is caused by a shift in performance, absences, cost centres (inter departmental changes), starters and leavers is calculated automatically. Deviations can be viewed month by month or at intervals that fit with your business.

User support

The Solution Template includes formulas and meaningful reports for displaying the causes of deviations and to uncover potentials and showing alternative actions. The Solution Template is "OLAP ready" and can be combined with the Solution Template 4PLAN HR UDM.


The customizing of the 4PLAN DAT is carried out in 4ADMIN.


The implementation of 4PLAN HR DAT is done by our consultants. The framework is designed in a workshop with the customer. Following this a consultant implements the Solution Template with all of the reports and planning variables for you. In addition to this you will receive training and a comprehensive user guide.


As all Solution Templates, 4PLAN DAT is licensed with an annual user fee. The user fee includes maintenance. Your 4PLAN HR user licenses will allow you to use 4PLAN DAT.

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