What is the definition of a World Class Resource and Financial Planning tool?

"A Resource and Financial Planning tool needs a clear HR focus.

It also needs to deliver a reliable and accurate output, enhance productivity and offer a high level of data security."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO



Employees are your most valuable and also your organisations most expensive asset, therefore it is key that you can quickly and accurately plan their associated costs.

This is particularly true if your organisations include ever changing variables such as large numbers of employees across multiple cost centres, pay grades, salary and benefit plans or even TUPE.

Software4You have many years of experience working with organisations across many sectors including Retail, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Finance, Service Industries and the Public Sector.

4PLAN HR integrates with any payroll system and streamlines the administration of the planning process by removing the need to use numerous spreadsheets and complex formulas.

With the use of 4Plan HR the planning is accurate and reliable and can be used in many situations such as salary modelling by utilising the functions that are in built in to the tool, reorganisation measures, pay grade changes and many more. 

Often IT projects fail because of the intangible risks associated with it (costs that cannot be calculated, long implementation times, etc).

To eliminate those risks and to assist in a building a professional Resource and Financial Planning system we have developed Solution Templates for you.

A Solution Template provides a ready to use solution designed to deal with the essential aspects of Resource and Financial Planning, analysis and systems integration. The package supplied includes software components, documentation and maintenance information.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Financial Planning for current resources and vacant posts
  • Planning for secondary jobs and split costing
  • Aggregation of planning within the organisation across multiple teams and cost centres
  • Quantity (headcount and capacity) cost planning
  • "What if planning scenarios" with multiple versions over multiple timeframes
  • Automatic provision for collective wage agreements, changes to National Insurance and PAYE, Pension contributions, holiday and sickness schemes and all aspects of variable pay.
  • Employment status such as Maternity Pay, Parental leave and part time working including.
  • Comparison of current situation with future goals/objectives
  • Calculation of the effective headcount (FTE)
  • Calculation of any key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Proactive management of the planning process (Workflow management)
  • Centralised and decentralised planning, (On site or Cloud)
  • Integrated reporting system and OLAP analysis
  • Pre-packaged Solution Templates to ensure rapid implementation
  • Simple ongoing maintenance of the system

Overview of the most important features

  • Planning and Forecasting employee by employee
  • Automatic inclusion of basic conditions
  • Productive Forecasting
  • Analysis of variances
  • Easy access to precise data
  • Integration with your current payroll provider
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Fast Implementation with Solution Templates
Planning and Forecasting employee by employee

4PLAN HR uses the employees’ master data and time cards of previous accounting and pay periods to create a suggested plan for the Forecasting and Planning of your employees. The user can easily change qualitative things in the upcoming periods while all dependent factors are calculated instantly.

Automatic inclusion of basic conditions

Contracts of employment, chart drifts, National Insurance and PAYE contributions and their bandings, holiday, absences and variable payments are automatically taken into consideration in your planning.

Productive Forecasting

Planning is both reliable and fast with 4PLAN HR. All Forecasting and can be automatically calculated with no manual intervention required. In other circumstances such as restructuring or global increases of non-pay-scale fees as a percentage other special calculations are available. A complex salary modelling tool is also available using the highly configurable calculation functionality in 4PLAN HR.

Analysis of variances

Actual comparisons of past, present and future values can be viewed in a number of ways allowing you to prepare for any deviations to the plan and take corrective action before they actually take place.

Easy access to precise data

Decision makers can act faster with more accurate information. Delivering relevant information and characteristic factors to different decision makers within management teams, regulatory authorities, regional offices or other organisations is just once click away with 4PLANHR.

Integration with your current payroll provider

4PLAN HR can integrate with any UK payroll software such as Oracle, SAP, Workday, Northgate, SD Worx, ADP, Midland HR, Miracle Dynamics to name just a few.

User-friendly interface

4PLANHR is user friendly and adapts to the needs of your organisation, this is true of all products within the 4PLAN family.

Reporting and Analysis

We have equipped 4PLAN with efficient reporting and analytical tools. No matter who you prepare the information for we source the data from single or multiple databases ensuring that all of your needs are met while also ensuring the security aspects are met and user access considerations are applied.

Fast Implementation with Solution Templates

We offer "Solution Templates", these are predefined solution packages designed to enable the use of 4PLAN HR as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Furthermore we offer special models, these can identify reasons for increases, salary modelling and much more in addition to the basic Resource and Financial Planning tools. You will receive a ready to use solution for Resource Planning for a fixed price.

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