How can I show the long term impact of a demographic changes and the skills that are required within my company?

"With 4PLAN Workforce Modelling we offer an impressive analysis of your Human Resources trends out of the box and enable a proactive view of the future workforce needs using parameters defined by and for you."

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Companies nowadays face various challenges such as demographic changes, skills shortages, and changes in inbound order volumes and in these circumstances they may be dependent on skills from within the regional or local workforce. These factors can impact companies from carrying out value added business activities. In the worst case they can have a debilitating impact on how a company exists.

Companies that recognise that their workforce is either ageing or that there is a gap in the knowledge base can strategically plan in advance what impact this will have and make sure that a resource or training plan is inducted in to their business plan or model.

Software4You 4PLAN Workforce Modelling offers the perfect solution. It enables you to cope with the complexities of the process of planning and analysis within different scenarios. It shows opportunities and risks that HR departments may be challenged with. It helps with strategic decisions that organisations face and ensures transparency showing where employee utilisation is most needed and relevant. Workforce skills are identified and can be reported on an analysed as and when needed.


Benefits at a glance

  • Answering the questions as to what skills are required when a change in demographics happen or are imminent
  • A transparent view of your internal company skill sets and headcount
  • Ensuring that your current workforce meets the future needs of the Organisation
  • Understanding the effects of HR decisions
  • Introduction of measures for securing the point in time needs of the Organisation
  • The method for strategic Resource planning is embedded within 4PLAN Workforce Modelling
  • Choose between the use of 4PLAN Workforce Modelling as a consulting or as an implementation tool
  • Job Family concept
  • Scenarios
  • User friendly
  • Real time results 
  • Analysis and reporting 
  • Expert advice and expertise from Software4You, this is our job
  • Rapid and risk free implementation across the Organisation

Overview of the most important features

  • Inclusion of company KPI’s
  • Consideration of internal and external business factors
  • Calculation of workforce requirements
  • What if scenario simulation and analysis
  • Managing potential risks
  • Reporting
  • User friendly interface
  • Technical properties
Inclusion of company KPI’s

4PLAN Workforce Modelling uses Human Resource data such as age, qualifications, job families, posts, departments, hierarchy level and locations. It creates key data such as training level requirements, average age, age structure, and the qualification levels of the entire workforce.

Consideration of internal and external business factors

In addition to the use of company data further factors need to be considered such as, the strategic direction of the company, staff turnover, early retirement plans, strategies for apprenticeships and information about the job market. Additionally the decision about real net output ratio or changes in operational processes are included.

Calculation of workforce requirements

4PLAN Workforce Modelling uses an innovative calculation methodology that enables you to automatically specify your workforce needs based on upcoming order volumes.

What if scenario simulation and analysis

The employer can model future scenarios based on business data, influencing factors and assumptions. This will show the staffing levels that are in place now and also what will be needed for the future identifying over staffing as well as gaps or under staffing. From here you will then be able analyse the results using our powerful reporting capabilities. These can be viewed from any organisational level.

Managing potential risks

Once 4PLAN Workforce Modelling has identified potential risks or upcoming staffing issues you can then start to think about what recruitment activities, training and development tasks and potential inter departmental transfers need to happen to ensure that you meet the needs of your plan effectively. Workforce modelling measures the success of your plans as well as any gaps that may still exist allowing you to take corrective action.


Charts and summaries are provided as tabular and graphic representations of the scenarios. 4PLAN Workforce Modelling offers its own pre-defined reports but can also add to reports that are already in place within companies using the integration tools.

User friendly interface

4PLAN Workforce Modelling is part of the 4PLAN family, user friendly and meets organisational requirements not only for now but for the future.

Technical properties

4PLAN Workforce Modelling naturally has all of the functionality that you would expect from a company that specialise in this area including multi user access, security access enabled and certificated interfaces to the essential third party systems.

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