Is there a tool for ad-hoc analysis in 4PLAN HR?

"Yes, 4PLAN Electric Eye is a tool for enabling data analysis and visualisation with your web browser."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO



Lower your response time with 4PLAN Electric Eye. You can now produce meaningful ad-hoc reports with real time graphics in seconds.

4PLAN Electric Eye supports Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and OLAP Databases so it can also be used outside of the 4PLAN environment.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy navigation trough your data
  • Drag and drop reporting
  • Tabular and/or graphic presentation
  • Multiple graphic options with animations
  • Multiple query driven reports
  • Public and private reports
  • Conditional formatting
  • User-defined calculation
  • KPI support enabled
  • Multiple filters can be used
  • Export directly into Excel
  • Cropping values for analysis
  • Browser based solution
  • Alternative to Microsoft ProClarity®


  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Silverlight 5.0

Overview of the most important features

  • Reduce your response times
  • Extra functions for Super Users
  • ProClarity® user find their way through familiarity
  • Integration with the 4PLAN product family
  • Licensing
Reduce your response times

With the use of 4PLAN Electric Eye you can be confident that you can create accurate management reports in real time as and when required, eliminating the need for numerous spreadsheet calculations to be defined. You can rapidly analyse all of your master data, you can show complex relationships between data and create active ad-hoc reports with a few mouse clicks.

4PLAN Electric Eye uses Microsoft® Analysis Services™, OLAP Databases, using standard 4PLAN OLAP or your own company specific models. Simply put relevant data in the lines and columns of your report and choose one of the many different display options.

Extra functions for Super Users

4PLAN Electric Eye has many features that will benefit super users. The conditional formatting is just one of them, with conditional formatting you can highlight deviations or work with the results from cells that include formulas.

ProClarity® user find their way through familiarity

Users that are familiar with ProClarity® will be able to operate 4PLAN Electric Eye instantly. The transition of existing reports from ProClarity® in to 4PLAN Electric Eye is seamless and accurate.

Integration with the 4PLAN product family

As this is an OLAP analysis tool and 4PLAN Electric Eye is part of the 4PLAN product family, it can be used with all of the 4PLAN modules (4PLAN HR, 4PLAN Enterprise, 4PLAN IFB, 4PLAN Workforce Modelling) we offer out of the box OLAP databases where you can create ad hoc reports and analysis with 4PLAN Electric Eye. Access to the OLAP databases can be independent from 4PLAN where needed.


As with all Software4You Products 4PLAN Electric Eye is licensed with a small monthly user cost. The user cost includes maintenance and technical support.

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