Before taking a closer look to 4PLAN Electric Eye, please consider the following:

4PLAN Electric Eye is a Microsoft Silverlight 5.0 appliance. If you didn't use this Browser-Plugin yet, you'll be informed and you can install it instantly.

After 4PLAN Electric Eye was started, a report out of our Workforce Modeling system will be loaded automatically. If you want to open another report, please click "Open" on the top left. Choose a report and click "OK".

A report can be consisting of several pages, which you can choose on the bottom of the browser window (similar to the spreadsheets in Excel).

You can also generate your own reports. Click the button "New" in the task bar above for this. You will give the report a name and choose a specified data source in the following dialog. Then work may start: throw dimensions and measures (or KPIs) into the lines and columns of the report and filter the data the way you want it (by e.g. simply throwing the dimension entry out of the metadata scope into lines, columns or filter).

4PLAN Electric Eye is very abundant. If an analysis may not succeed, you may need a little hint. Contact us, we would like to help you.

Now, have fun with 4PLAN Electric Eye!