Is it difficult, to use data from SAP in 4PLAN HR?

"No, the 4PLAN and SAP integration is delivered preconfigured and can be managed directly in SAP by you. No specialised IT knowledge is required."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO

4PLAN SAP Integration


Based on our proven technology, we have created the "4PLAN SAP Integration" solution. Within this tool you can select the exact data that you require from SAP and transfer this safely and securely in to 4PLAN.

The 4PLAN import routine uses the certified S4U connector with the function blocks within SAP which deliver the data in the required format. No transformation processes are needed. Long waiting times are also removed. Buffering ensures a high speed transfer of data without the normal cache and the encrypted data transfer guarantees maximum security is maintained.

Benefits at a glance

  • End user alignment: The user has the ability to define which data should be transferred
  • Pre-configured solution: The product is delivered with all of the necessary 4PLAN Interfaces
  • No intermediate storage: Direct interfaces into the 4PLAN database for a higher security and clearly smaller amounts of data
  • High security: Encoded transfer of the data from SAP® into 4PLAN
  • Reduced loading time: High speed data transfer because of buffering and only bring across the data that is required.
  • High flexibility: As well as the master data the actual accounting results from the most recent accounting simulation can be evaluated in accordance with the latest HR master data.


  • 4PLAN HR
  • SAP® Version ERP2005 ECC 6.0. (oder higher)

Overview of the most important features

  • Solution ready for occupation
  • Function volume
  • Licensing
Solution ready for occupation

The product is delivered with all of the necessary 4PLAN interfaces including master data, extended master data and planning variables. The predefined interfaces can also be used or adjusted as needed.

Function volume

The latest accounting results and outcomes of the last accounting simulation can be evaluated using the most recent set of personnel master data within 4PLAN SAP Integration. Therefore the issue of retrospective accounting and back pay is eliminated.

Information from the master file data can be determined directly and automatically using info types or by using customer specific values. In addition to this the accounting results from single range types can be grouped to a value. Planning sizes can be defined according to personnel master data or accounting results.

Using set parameters and at the same time using the standardised transfer of data out of SAP® into 4PLAN is enabled with the 4PLAN SAP Integration. This integration is not limited just to 4PLAN and can be used with other applications.


The 4PLAN SAP Integration is licensed with a monthly user-fee, as with all of the Software4You products. The user-fee includes maintenance and technical support.

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