What makes Software4You our ideal partner?

"Our solutions are designed to fully meet the needs of our customers and will meet the business requirements of these organisation now and in the future.

The solutions are flexible, user friendly and easily administered and maintained."

Hanns-Dirk Brinkmann, CEO


Our company

Software4You is the leading provider of software solutions for Resource and financial planning.

We address the needs of medium and large organisations with our range of planning and budgeting tools. We are unique due to the experience gained over decades within the industry of Resource and Financial planning, this make us the absolute specialists.

With 4PLAN HR we offer you a reliable solution for Resource cost planning which is easily implemented due to our software design and holistic and flexible approach using our solution packs. This approach enables us to fulfil company specific requirements and gives us the flexibility to change with your business needs and offers you the exact tools that to maximise your return on investment.

Our employees

Just having the solutions to help our customers is not enough without the right team behind it. Software4You have subject matter experts within our organisation so you can rest assured that from implementation, technical and functional support we have the expertise that you need and expect from a partner.

We ‘Guarantee your project is a success’

Our technology partners

Working in partnership with a number of major technology partners will ensure that we always have the latest solutions to exceed the needs of our customers.


  • 2017

  • 2016
  • 4PLAN 3.3 and 4PLAN EVE

  • 2015
  • 4PLAN 3.2 and the new SAP Integration

  • 2014
  • Software4You releases 4PLAN 3.1

  • Software4You releases actitag, a new and innovative solution to promote a healthy workplace

  • 2013
  • Software4You releases the new generation of 4PLAN, 4PLAN3

  • 4PLAN Electric Eye increases the product portfolio of Software4You with ProClarity-like Ad-Hoc OLAP reporting und analytics

  • Software4You presents 4PLAN Workforce Modelling

  • 2012
  • Reports4You allows for Microsoft® Reporting Services Reports to be viewed on the iPad

  • 4PLAN Web Professional 2.0

  • 2011
  • Software4You introduces the first Web Client for 4PLAN powerusers with 4PLAN Web Professional 

  • Improved integration of Microsoft® Reporting Services into 4PLAN with the Reporting Services Center

  • 2010
  • Introduction of 4PLAN Web

  •  Software4You UK Ltd. is founded

  • 2006
  • Software4You releases 4PLAN IFB and 4PLAN Enterprise

  • 2005
  • Official SAP certification for the S4U Connector

  • 2003
  • Software4You becomes Microsoft® Gold Partner

  • 2000
  • Software4You and ADP Employer Services become partners

  • 1999
  • Software4You Planungssysteme GmbH is founded