What type of organisation make the perfect Software4You customer?

“4PLAN HR works in all Mid to Large size organisations and in every industry type where future proof Resource and Financial planning is a key business requirement."

Stefan Hörmann, Senior Consultant

Our Clients

Over 150 well known organisations across Europe.

Mid and large sized organisations across a multitude of verticals work with Software4You.

Vast experience and business expertise as well as future proof software make Software4You the ideal partner for Resource and Financial planning, this is why organisations across Europe use the 4PLAN family of solutions to achieve their optimum business goals.

Read some our customer success stories to convince yourself that we are the perfect long term partner.

Selected clients

Costumer's voices facing 4PLAN

"Resource and Financial planning became more transparent, more flexible and more secure thanks to the introduction of 4PLAN HR in our company."

Niklas Hartmannsgruber,
Danone GmbH

"Because of its flexibility 4PLAN HR has helped to greatly improve our daily work."

Pascal Franke,
ECE Projektmanagement GmbH. & Co. KG

"4PLAN HR is basically the Windows of Finance and Resource Planning tools. You need no working knowledge of programming languages and you can train a new user within 1-2 hours."

Thomas Müller,
Jungheinrich AG

"Thanks to 4PLAN HR we have reached a new level of acceptance concerning our Resource and Financial Planning."



Sebastian Krause,
Kieback & Peter GmbH