4PLAN ai?

If there is one topic that can rightly be said to have entered the mainstream, it is AI. No wonder, because the potential of AI is enormous.

What influence will AI have in the foreseeable future on HR controlling, those who deal with it in companies and S4U as a manufacturer of an HR controlling solution in the short and medium term?

AI will not replace you, but the person using AI will

Everyone has probably read the sentence “AI will not replace you, but the person using AI will “. As reassuring as it sounds, depending on the industry and activity, it is still a snapshot. As development is still in its infancy, the concrete effects of massive AI use cannot yet be predicted.

Similarly, in the early days of the Internet, it was not possible to foresee how far the Internet would one day extend into everyday life and how naturally we use it today in all kinds of applications, from smartphones to lighting and from the daily newspaper to the television.

With regard to AI, it seems that we are currently at the “peak of exaggerated expectations” of the Gartner Hype Cycle. In this phase, the reports come thick and fast and often generate exaggerated enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations. There may already be successful applications, but many are still struggling with teething troubles.

An AI that gives the right answers 80% of the time is not the best choice for important decisions. This is also stated, somewhat differently, under the ChatGPT input field.

Similarly, it cannot be denied that the above-mentioned 80% is 100% of the requirements in many cases. I have already written Python programs for data analysis myself with the help of ChatGPT, although I know next to nothing about Python, to name just one example. Anyone who has already used a powerful AI chatbot can give further examples of its enormous benefits.

The following applies: If you know what you want and if you can check the plausibility of the result delivered by the AI in order to make adjustments if necessary, the use of AI is a considerable productivity advantage.

So what does this mean for what we do?

Of course, AI will also find its way into HR controlling. Those who deal with HR controlling in companies could, for example, generate evaluations with the help of AI, whereby data protection aspects must be taken into account. Uploading a table with employee data to ChatGPT and then asking questions about the content should not be an option.

For us as the manufacturer of 4PLAN, AI offers new opportunities to deliver a better product.

The phrase “AI will not replace you, but the person using AI will” can be applied 1:1 to software. AI will not replace specific software, but specific software without AI hardly has a future. We will get used to (and therefore expect) being able to “talk” to software and that we will have access to a broad range of information and functionality that is as relevant as possible to the specific application.

A 4PLAN version that generates a GDPR-compliant result for “I need a list of employees in the sales area with their planned remuneration per FTE for 2024 and the respective percentage difference to the median of the employee group” is better than one where you have to know the corresponding fields and select them yourself for a report or dashboard.

So the question is: What does AI mean for 4PLAN? How can we make 4PLAN better with AI and offer our users real benefits while maintaining data protection? It’s not about making 4PLAN “AI-based” by hook or by crook, but about making 4PLAN with AI a better product for our customers.

We are working on this, and not just since yesterday.

The development of “4PLAN Buddy”, the AI in 4PLAN, is really exciting. We learn new things every day and are already looking forward to providing you with the 4PLAN Buddy in the near future. It will live up to its name and be a useful assistant for 4PLAN users.

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